Flippers age 2 1⁄2 years – 4 years

: 1 teacher to 8 children

Flippers Room
Flippers Room at Weefolk Playhouse

The Flippers  are preparing to advance into Kindergarten. They are beginning to learn about science, the weather, basic math, printing, music, dramatic play and appropriate ways of interacting with peers and teachers. Some activities in this group include:

Circle time: The Flippers begin to learn through group discussions, counting in French and English, language development, 3D stories, the calendar, daily weather songs and discussions and dramatic play to teach certain theories.

Outdoor play: This time allows the children to expend their energy through group and parallel play. There is a lot of teamwork and cooperation amongst the children as well as turn taking on the various bikes and cars. There are three mini-houses outside which inspire dramatic play as well.

Arts and Crafts: We encourage open-ended arts and craft activities in this group. The children are encouraged to use their imagination with the materials provided to bring about creative development. The planned arts and crafts are centered around the monthly activities and will also go into the scrapbook at the end of the year.


Our goals for the Flippers are to prepare them for the classroom setting. We do this by providing them with the following skills: teaching them to use manners, encourage sharing, facilitate self-help skills, embed empathy and sympathy for their peers as well as listen to the teachers. By the time they head into Kindergarten, the Flippers will know how to print their names, the alphabet and letters as well as be able to manage independently and self-sufficiently with guidance from the teachers if need be.

Sample Schedule:

Sample Flippers Schedule