Stumpers age 12-18 months

: 1 teacher to 3 children

Stumpers Room
Stumpers Room at Weefolk Playhouse

This is a transition group between infants and toddlers. Their room is located next to the toddler room this way they are able to see and hear the interactions in toddler hood. Some activities in this group include:

Circle time: the Stumpers spend more time in circle than the younger group. They enjoy singing action songs, reading a couple short stories and have daily visits from puppets.

Going Outdoors: The Stumpers really enjoy their time outside. It gives them the opportunity to observe the older children in the adjacent yard, hear the sounds outside and get some fresh air. It is also the perfect time to work on gross motor skills as they can manoeuvre quite easily by holding onto the fence.

Gross motor: For the children that aren’t already walking, the educators spend a lot of time walking with them and strengthening the legs. Many action songs require the children to stand up and use their whole bodies in the songs. They have a mini-slide in the yard which gives them practice climbing stairs and using balance and coordination.

Arts and Crafts: These infants are becoming more and more curious about the art that they create! They spend more time enjoying the sensory benefits of paint, glue and paper.


Children in the Stumpers group are encouraged to use words with the help of the educators who provide words for them. The educators help the children understand their feelings and behaviour and guide them positively. They are taught the concept of sharing, listening to their teachers and one-word expressive language.

Sample Schedule

Sample Stumpers Schedule