Parent Testimonials

“Many thanks from all of us but especially from me, you made my dream of a warm, friendly and fun family daycare a reality for my girls!”

“Everybody at Wee Folk: thank you for all the thoughtful ways you give from the heart!”

“Everyone at Weefolk: thank you so much for being such wonderful teachers and caregivers! __________ has absolutely blossomed over the years and has loved her time at Weefolk. This is due to all your love and encouragement.”

“Thank you so-o-o much for all you’ve done throughout the years for both ________ and _________.   The excellent care, warmth and affection you gave our children will never be forgotten!”

“We want to thank you for providing such a safe, stimulating and caring environment for _______ to learn, play and socialize. You have done such a great job in helping to prepare her for the years ahead, giving her such a wonderful foundation.”

Staff Testimonials

“I have fun and enjoy teaching the children.”

“This is a joyful place to work; I enjoy coming to work and seeing all the smiling faces! The teachers and children are all so enthusiastic!”

“All the staff here work well together. There’s good teamwork here.”

“The staff and children motivate me to be the best teacher I can be!!”

“Everyday is different and rewarding with children!”

“It’s challenging but at the end of the day it’s rewarding to see how much the children grow.”

“All the teachers here are warm and nurturing and know the children so well that they are able to provide the best suited environment which allows the children to grow.”

“I’m happy because I always see the children’s beautiful smiles!”

“I like to work with the children. Working with the children makes me active and happy!”