Toddle Toes

Toddle Toes age 0-12 months

: 1 teacher to 3 children

ToddleToes Room
ToddleToes Room at Weefolk Playhouse

This is the youngest group – they sure do love to explore and learn new things. Weefolk is proud to have wonderful teachers who provide a warm and nurturing environment. Some activities in that group include:

Going outside: Every morning we jump into the “little spaceship” for some fresh air. We feel the sunshine, listen to the birds, smell the air and watch the trees and leaves blow in the wind.

Indoor play: We are learning shapes and colors with various blocks and toys. The infants explore their senses with exposure to different manipulatives. We have a daily circle time that is very enjoyable for the children; at this time we have visits from puppets, read stories and sing songs!

Arts & Crafts: We introduce the children to gluing, painting and coloring with the assistance of the educators. Their artwork is compiled into a scrapbook that is given to the parents at Christmas time.


Through ongoing gross motor practice, the infants begin to strengthen their arms and legs. This allows them to begin to pull themselves up and practice standing and walking. They are also being introduced to activities which take place in the older groups, therefore familiarizing them with the routines as they advance.

Sample Schedule

Sample Toddle Toes Schedule